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Kookaburra Retreat’s activities and facilities.


Kookaburra Retreat is a community centre, managed by the Shoalhaven Defence Families Association (SDFA).

The primary focus of the SDFA is for Kookaburra Retreat to be a safe, welcoming place for people to relax, form friendships, have fun and feel connected within the community. There is a strong emphasis on providing support to those facing the particular challenges associated with the defence way-of-life.
At Kookaburra Retreat, the SDFA offers a wide range of programs, including weekly get togethers (with crèche facilities) and a playgroup.  Monthly sessions include organised craft workshops and fitness training.
We also organise regular social dinners, ladies nights out or in, excursions and participation in community fundraising events.
Kookaburra Retreat is located on Canberra Drive, just outside the main entrance of HMAS Albatross – look for the brown brick building on the opposite side to the main gate.  For a small annual membership fee of $30, members have access to the activities, training and events held at Kookaburra Retreat, along with use of the facilities for private hire.  You are welcome to visit Kookaburra Retreat anytime we are open.

“The Shoalhaven Defence Families Association, have a community centre
across from HMAS Albatross called Kookaburra Retreat. The centre has a
relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It is open Monday Tuesday
Thursday and Friday’s. There are a lovely group of ladies who attend, both
defence and non-defence (we are inclusive and welcome anyone) we meet up
each week for coffee and a chat or there are organised activities such as
craft, training courses, self care activities, exercise group or monthly
Friday night get togethers. The playgroup runs fortnightly on a Tuesday and
we have a crèche run by South Coast Nannies with a subsidised cost the other
open days, they are great with our kids and we get a few hours to interact with
adults (yay) while the kids have fun. The backyard is fully fenced and we have
a playground and outdoor toys and activities for the kids” – Suzanne




The SDFA has playgroup on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, 9.30am-11.30am at Kookaburra Retreat during school terms (check events calendar for dates).  Families meet for fun, play, craft and good company. You can check us out and let your little ones burn some energy we’d love to see you. Parents can enjoy a cuppa whilst supervising their kids in the great playground with lots of outdoor toys and an indoor playroom for quieter moments.

Playgroup is open to the public.

Membership is $15 for the year (includes first session and free tea and coffee) and the cost per visit is $3 for each family.

You can advise the playgroup coordinator the ages of your children via the Facebook page so age appropriate activities can be organised, however, you are welcome to just turn up on the day.



Kooka Kids Club (Crèche) – Parent required to remain on the premises

The primary purpose of the creche is to allow the parent to attend programs and activities facilitated at Kookaburra Retreat Community Centre (Kooka). This includes Cuppa & Chat, Craft, Fitness etc.

We have wonderful crèche facilities so that those with young children can participate in activities knowing their child is safe and well cared for.

The SDFA employs fully qualified Nannies to operate our crèche.

The crèche is open on Thursdays from 9.30am to 1.30pm.
We keep the cost to members as low as possible. $30 for one child and $35 for two or more.

To book your child/ren into creche, please comment their name/s and age/s on the corresponding post on facebook or email

There are a few things parents can do to make the process go smoothly.

We ask that parents

We also ask that parents consider the time it takes to gather belongings, art work and chat with the nannies, when collecting children from the crèche.



Kookaburra Retreat has a generous library of both fiction and nonfiction books. Members are asked to record details into the loan book when borrowing and be considerate of fellow members in relation time frames. Should you lose a book, please speak with the Coordinator.


Kookaburra Retreat has a small but fully equipped kitchen.  Members are welcome to refreshments. There is a price list on the fridge.
We have a general ‘clean up after yourself policy’ and it is asked that everyone play a part in keeping the kitchen clean and tidy.
It is great for members who wish to hire ‘Kooka’ for an event such as a kids birthday party.

Computer and Wi-Fi

There is a computer available for members use while visiting Kookaburra Retreat.  Should you wish to connect to the Wi-Fi, please ask the coordinator for the password.

Craft classes and workshops

Kookaburra Retreat aims to provide a friendly atmosphere for individuals to come and relax, meet new people, share ideas and create handmade crafts. You can learn a new craft by participating in one of the many organised activities and workshops that run throughout the year, or you can bring your own craft project, have a cuppa and a chat with our friendly members.

Keep an eye on the events for upcoming activities and classes.

We run classes on Thursday and Friday at least one week each month.
Should you choose not to participate, you are still very welcome at Kooka while the classes are on.
Feel free to share any ideas you may have. We are always open to suggestion.
If you would like to run a workshop, please speak with the coordinator.
Please visit our events page or click here for upcoming events.

Fitness Classes

Facilitated by a Personal Trainer, come to Kookaburra Retreat to and enjoy a fabulous fitness class once a Month. (Please refer to calendar for dates)

$5 per person

*** Everyone welcome
*** No fitness experience needed
*** Classes are flexible for all fitness levels

Courses and Training

All our services and programs are designed to meet the needs of our members.

We are always open for suggestion and happy to consider and requests for courses that may be of interest to you.

Some courses we have run in the past include:

Triple P Parenting – This program aims to Enhance parents’ and carers’ knowledge, skills and confidence in raising their children. Help parents and carers develop effective strategies for promoting their children’s development and dealing with common behaviour and developmental problems.

Family Smart – Run by the DMFS and held at Kookaburra Retreat, the program helps partners of ADF members identify and build on their strengths, learn techniques to cope with the stresses and challenges of the military lifestyle, and become more resilient, positive and self-reliant.

Parentmedic Baby and Child First Aid – For first aid to work, it has to be relevant. There’s no point learning about snakebites when you’ve told us one of the scariest things is simply introducing solids! This interactive session covers all the essential baby & child information parents have told us they want to learn.

Committee Management Training – Given the level of responsibility that management committees have for the organisation, it is vital that committee members are provided with appropriate support and training to carry out their roles.

First Aid Certificate – This course provides the skills and knowledge required to provide first aid care for injuries and illnesses in the home or workplace and emergency first aid.

Please visit our events page or click here for upcoming events.


Hire Kookaburra Retreat

Kooka can be hired by members for private functions. The building offers a great environment for children’s birthday parties, meetings etc. For more information, please refer to Documents and Forms and be sure to read the Rules and Policy document before submitting a booking form.

Booking- Hire Rules and Policy document Booking and Hire Policy – Please Read

Kookaburra Retreat Booking and Hire Form Booking Form 2020

Kookaburra Retreat has a Strictly No Smoking policy